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up-solid down-solid
Date Favorited
by Vincent Casanova
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This EP is something of a journey through the various dimensions of what is the evolving sound of deep housethe tracks themselves dip into many different possibilitiesreflecting the many elements that can be expressed through the deep lens. She Lovesfeaturing the strong and silky voice of Sally Amatois a smooth, guitar laced ride that offers melodic respite to this chaotic world. Ice Cube Medicine is a chill but funky, retro sounding track- complete with ultra clean drums and a wild 80s riff...
Bushmen Records
by The X-Structure
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Westcoast Trip by The X-Structure --------------------------------- Released: 2008 Album: 01 Foreword by Epic Beard Some believe that there is only now and that the past does not matter anymore. It is over and done with. There is no more use for it. I however think it not, for it is our past that makes us who we are today. We should acknowledge it and accept it as who we are. Yet in knowning this we should not let our past keep us bound to our failures and regrets or let it dictate to us what...
Topics: The X-Structure, Adventures on Planet Earth, South Africa, Trip hop, Electronic